Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Naked Ivy

I am done with my ivy and this is what has left of my green ivy fence. As I have already said, I do hope that the new shoots soon will appear. 
Thanks God it's been raining.  The gardener's life is never boring -  now I have another problem. The grass is already high and I cannot mow it because of the rain. The mower will be jammed under the cutting deck but what can I do...


  1. Hi from Saint Petersburg! Your blog is interesting, naked tree will green soon!
    Here we've got a lot of rain, no problem with watering

  2. Knowing ivy - I'm sure it will bounce back!

  3. I meni je od ove zime u vrtu propalo nekoliko biljaka, na žalost nismo ih zaštitili jutom... i desilo se ono što nije trebalo. :(
    Želim da ti se biljka što prije oporavi.

    Veliki pozdrav:)

  4. Nadezda, welcome!

    Sue, thank you for being here all the time. I appreciate all of my regular readers.

    Zondra, izgleda da je ova zima bila posvuda jaka; čak mi prijateljice s mora kažu da im je dosta toga stradalo.


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