Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

Planted last year in Autumn, this Japanese cherry flowers in my garden for the first time. It is only two meter high and it will take years  before I could enjoy the big cherry tree in full of it's glory but hey, the journey begins with the first step. Now it is in my garden and will watch it grow bigger every year. Even now it is a real beauty. Double pendulous pink flowers and burgundy red foliage makes it attractive all year round..


  1. Неймовірна рослина! насолоджуюся фотографіями і водночас думаю, а чи не посадити таке диво у своєму саду))
    Бажаю гарного тижня!

    xoxo, Juliana

  2. How lovely! The purple foliage sets off the flowers so well.

  3. Lovely colour combination of the pale pink flower and the dark leaves

  4. We have a snad cherry that has similar distinctive foliage, but this tree combines the gorgeous foliage with the beautiful blooms of our weeping cherry - an unbeatable combination. Is it fragrant? Our sand cherry has the most intoxicating perfume, while the weeping cherry's gorgeous blooms have virtually no scent.


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