Sunday, 1 April 2012

Snow in April

Oh yes, snow in April is it is not a rarity. Yesterday 23°C, this morning 1°C... well, it is a rather great temperature drop. Most people have already sown the vegetables and flowers but not me. Now I am glad for it. I never rush with sowing because I know this changeable and moody continental climate. Besides, the soil needs to worm up before sowing. I have only sown the peas. Peas germinate on 4°C and don't mind the cold.

vegetable beds are ready

I must say, snow or rain, give us anything because we again have a long period o drought. The weather forecast for summer is not promising - drought and even higher air temperatures than they were the last summer. Without some serious rain period we will face the water reductions which is also announced by our water supplier.

The spring flowers are finally blooming. I love the colour of Muscari.

'Tahiti' daffodil



  1. We can have frosts up until May too so don't sow seeds too soon!

  2. Nas je snijeg zaobišao,vrt ti je divan zaista,i ja obožavam plave presličice:)

  3. Your beds look perfect, clear example how they should look! And thank you for the picture of "Tahiti" daffodil, it remainded me the name of one variety in my garden that I've forgotten!..

  4. I like the photo of snow on the yucca...beautiful! We have had snow in April a few times, however I doubt that will happen this year as we have had such warm temperatures.

  5. Dear Kalipso, Your veggie garden looks great! My 'Tahiti' daffodil isn't in bloom yet -- it's my favorite. P. x

  6. Oh, its the same here,beautiful weather and now we are told it will snow tomorrow. I am very impressed with your vegetable area.

  7. We had a little snow as well! I hope you enjoy your lovely garden. Looks like you are off to a wonderful start. Happy Easter!

  8. Oh, I can see the snow you were talking of in my blog today! I understand that in Slavonska Županija it isn't a rarity, but today I have seen it also in Primorje-Gorski kotar (on the hills just up to Novi Vinodolski), and in Istarska (Učka mountains). I was really amazed! :)


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