Tuesday, 15 May 2012

First Mushrooms

Leccinum griseum

It was raining yesterday, and the temperature dropped to 10°C. It was snowing in mountain regions of Croatia!  But, the rain stopped in the afternoon and I took a walk to the woods. I was not expecting to find any mushrooms but actually, the weather last week was favourable. When the rain and warm, sunny days alternate in a short period of time, these little fellows above appear.  

The white Bleeding Heart was damaged by the frost in early Spring but now the new shoots appear and bear flowers. They look beautiful against the pale green foliage of Hosta.

This large leaved Hosta is named 'Sum and Substance'. It is really amazing. This one is still 'young' but I sow beautiful older specimens in some other gardens. Really bold in appearance.

Aquilegia 'Magpie' 


  1. Do your hostas suffer from slug and snail damage?

  2. I really like your white bleeding heart. I am glad it came back after the frost. The weather has been so strange this year.

  3. Sue, I don't have many slugs and snails in the garden. I used to collect them regularly. This winter was very cold and killed them - I haven't noticed any slug yet.
    Besides, they do not eat all Hosta varieties. The most affected is always Hosta plantaginea.

  4. Hi Vesna, the weather here has seldom been above 10c for a few weeks now. Your white Dicentra looks fabulous and goes well along with Hosta. Slugs are numerous in our garden and seem to love all the Hostas.

  5. Many thanks for your visit to my blog - I love your Aquilegia Magpie's... our garden here in France is also full of ones that have cross bred over the years and they make such a lovely display!The White Dicentra another favorite of mine too... will be back for another visit again soon - Miranda


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