Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Labour day

Labour day is a public holiday in Croatia and I have a day off. But, it was not the day off in my garden. I finished weeding the middle part of my garden. It was warm in the morning, but not so moist as it was yesterday. So much easier to endure this unusual weather conditions. My town was the hottest in Croatia yesterday (33°C) and, this temperature in April/May was not recorded over 160 years. The weather men predict a very dry and hot summer.

That's what the middle part looks like today. I think I did some good job. The regular weeding pays off eventually. I had only two wheelbarrows of weeds and this is not much for an area of about 38 square metres.

This round flower bed misses the Houttuynia which still did not came out! It circles the Hemerocallises planted in the middle. I simply cannot believe that this invasive plant was damaged by the cold so much.

Iberis, the Candytuft is one of my favourite cushion plants. The white colour of the flowers gives a real accent to the area it is planted. I have several of them planted in succession along the border. Such planting leads the eye along the flower bed.

Polygonatum, Solomon's Seal is yet another of my favourite plants. It likes shade as it is a woodland plant. It spreads by rhizomatous roots just as it' 'relative' - Lilly of the Valley.


  1. We celebrate may day on the first Monday in May. I guess it's to provide a long weekend! No hot dry summer forecast for us!

  2. Happy May Day! Your garden looks lovely. I like your long bed.

  3. You put your day off to good use Vesna, your garden has a very welcoming look.

  4. Happy May Day, Vesna! We grow a lot of the same things: Candytuft, Solomon's Seal....


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