Sunday, 6 May 2012

Nursery Afternoon

one of the polythene houses

My friend Marina, her husband and I spent the late afternoon shopping. Our shopping usually includes gardening centres and nurseries and so it was this time too. For years we buy plants from the same nursery run by Juric family.

polythene house

They use to come every Thursday to the market but we love to visit them in the nursery.  It is better choice of plants there, of course. I bought plants for window containers: Perlagonium, Lobelia, Helychrisum, Verbena, Lysimachia, Bacopa...


Besides annuals, they have a good choice of perennials too but I buy my perennials in other nursery.


  1. The nursery has a really colourful display

  2. What a wonderful place to shop. I am dangerous at nurseries because I find so much I want to buy!

  3. You are lucky to have such a great nursery nearby! I love plant shopping too...

  4. You lucky woman, this afternoon I'd have liked to be there with you! ;)

  5. An afternoon at a nursery is just the best way to spend time. I hope you took home lots of beautiful plants.

  6. I am very inspired from your nursery and your nursery has a really colourful display..

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