Sunday, 13 May 2012

Polemonium yezoense

One single plant of Polemonium ( Jacob's Ladder) survived last harsh winter in my garden. Obviously, ordering new plants will be one of the autumn garden tasks. 
I love this plant because of the heavenly blue colour of it's flowers. The foliage is also very interesting being purplish-black in colour. This plant is easy to grow providing a sunny spot and average moisture. No special preferences for the soil type. The plant is supposed to be self-seeding so, I am expecting some seedlings too.


  1. I agree that is a lovely blue - looks espcially good with the yellow centre

  2. The flowers look lovely! Such polemonium in my garden is still to flower, but we have rather cold spring... I have a couple of such plants and no seedlings yet.

  3. Blue is a hard color to find for the garden. Yours is especially pretty.


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