Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shady Corners

The shady parts of the garden don't have to be dull at all. There is a variety of shade loving plants with beautiful foliage and flowers as well. My beloved Hosta is one of them. There is really a wide range of Hosta plants: some have variegated leaves, the other come in all shades of green or blue-green. 


I mixed Hosras with Alchemilla, ferns and Lyshimachia ciliata 'Firecracker' that has red foliage.
This Clematis too thrive in semi-shade very well. The flowers are really big; looks like 'Nely Moser' cultivar, but I am not certain of it.

Under the hazelnut shrub I grow Astrantia, Carex, Hosta, Tiarella, white flowered Dicenta, Polygonatum, ferns, Luzula sylvatica and Hostas.


  1. You have good plan for a lovely shade garden. I am still trying to figure out a shade garden here, since I don't have much shade. I love hostas, too.

  2. Hi Vesna, your new look jumps out at me like a breath of fresh air. I agree, a shady spot does not have to look dull. I like the plants which you grow along with your Hostas, Astilbe is another which goes very well.

  3. Vesna, this clematis is really nice, I love this color!

  4. It's amazing the range of hostas including very tiny to huge ones as well as the range of leaf colours and not forgetting the flowers too

  5. yes hostas are beautiful, unfortunately they only thrive in temperate climes. During our dry season, annuals suffer much.

  6. Vesna, I love the shade plants too. We have some similar plants in our shade cottage garden, although you did mention a couple that I am unfamiliar with. I'll be searching them out over the summer!


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