Friday, 15 June 2012

Day Lilies Season

As I see on many gardening blogs  the day lily season already started. My hemerocalises have lots of flower buds yet to be opened and this unknown cultivar of mine is every year one of the first bloomers. In spring, I have added three new cultivars to my day lily collection: 'Amadeus', 'Dragon's Eye' and Avant Garde'. I cannot  wait to see them bloom.

The pink Honeysucle twines and climbs the terrace fence. Planted only last autumn, this plant is still small. The one that conquered almost the entire fence around the terrace suddenly died. It will take a few years for the new one to spread out but, a gardener has to be patient.  

Lonicera periclymenum

Certainly, it will be worth while waiting for the smell of the flowers in the evening.

Rose 'Bobby James'

The 'Bobby James' rose climbed the metal frame over the terrace. It is a rambler that bears clusters of simple white flowers. The rainy weather shortened the flowering time and damaged the flowers. If you don't cut off the fading flowers it will produce lovely hips.

And, the very first crop of peas is here! Now I am picking up the pods continuously as they come. Plants look good and I expect a good pea crop this year. Once they start to yellow, I pull them all out and pick up all the remaining the pods on them. As you know, peas like other Fabaceae is a good green fertilizer having the nitro bacteria on their roots. These bacteria hold the nitrogen from the air and so fertilize the soil.
In the crop rotation this vegetable bed will be ideal to plant 'hungry' vegetables such as cabbage, kohlrabi and other Brassicas. 


  1. Wow picking peas already now I'm really envious

  2. I love those climbing roses; they are really stunning! The daylilies are definitely the starts in my garden right now. Those peas look delicious!


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