Monday, 25 June 2012

June Abundance

Most gardeners say that the gardens look the best in June. No wonder. It is a flowering time for most of the garden plants. Though, I try to plant various species of plants to keep the flowering season from early Spring to the late Autumn. I know that flowers are the most attractive part of the plant but I like plants with attractive foliage or fruits too.

The Day Lilies look great planted in large groups. The orange-yellow Hemerocallis fulva is one of the first planted species of Day Liliyes I have. It is an inexpensive day Lilly and I give it away every Autumn. It spreads well and occupies pretty large patches in my flower beds.

Hemerocallis fulva

'Olive Baily Langdon'

On the other hand, some cultivars are so expensive that buying five to seven plants may be quite an attack to one's budget. I certainly do spend lots of money on the plants. My garden is big. When I created the borders I used to buy up to 70 plants at once. It might sound a lot but, believe me, when I planted them, there was still place for more.

Lilium 'Pink Perfection'

Investing money in bulbs of attractive plants like lilies always pays off. I have several species of lilies in my garden. Some of them, like 'Pink perfection' is taller than me. I think it is about 1.80 m high this year! I love it because of it's trumpet like flowers.


It is a national holiday today and I have a day off. Still, I got up at 4.30 this morning and went into the garden. There is not so much weed in the beds itself because of the dense planting but edges need tiding up. I need to mow the lawn again too. But now is already too hot for it. Some rain is announced for the evening and over night and the temperatures should be lower. I guess I will leave mowing for tomorrow and take the rest for the rest of the day!


  1. Hope you had a lovely holiday doing your gardening! Getting up early is no hardship at this time of year - it's actually often the best time of day.

    1. Gettin up early was not ever a problem to me. I love it, especially in summer. I was in the garden up to nine o'clock and then escaped inside because the temperature started to rise. We had some rain in the afternoon!

  2. You've really fab colour in the garden! It looks great.

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