Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sudden Beauty

For years I have this cactus placed in a dark corner of my living room. No wonder it would not flower at all. It looked really miserable; I almost throw it away. Poor thing!
A month ago, I placed it in my veranda at the entrance door. And, voila! Now it is in full bloom. I was really surprised to notice lots of flower buds on the tips of the branches. I was wondering what colour they would be.

As you can see, the flowers are pink. I really don't know what cactus it is. Looks like Rhipsalidopsis rosea, Easter cactus but, I am not sure about it.
When it stops flowering, I will re-pot it into new soil and , I promise, take better care of it. 

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  1. Lovely colour. Sometimes cacti like that thrive in poor soil but I do know that once they start to flower they need to stay in the same position not turned around as we sometimes do with other pot plants.


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