Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sunny morning

It was raining cats and dogs these past few days. This morning the overcast broke and sun appeared. The sky is not clear at all but at least we have some sun shining through.
The Red Hot Poker started to bloom. It was damaged in the winter but it recovered remarkably well.

Sage (Salvia sclarea turkestanica)

Sages produced their flowering spikes too. I have three of them. This year I gave the one of them a harsh cutback and it responded with many new shoots.

Salvia 'Blaukoenigin'

Many flowers stalks, such as those of roses and peonies, bend over under the weight of raindrops.


  1. How is the veg doing, Vesna? Mine needs rain!

  2. Prekrasno je kod tebe Vesna!

  3. We'd like to see the sun as well! Your salvia is gorgeous! I hear you about the peonies and roses falling over. We staked our peonies last week when we heard the forecast - they were all in bloom and I knew they would be on the ground if we didn't do something!


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