Sunday, 17 June 2012

Three Herbs

Thymus praecox 'Coccineus'

There are great many selections of Thyme grown in the garden, all of them with lovely fragrance. Thymus praecox  is flat creeping plant with tiny leaves and mangeta-red flowers. Like all thymes, it prefers dry, sunny spot in the garden. It is also ideal for planting into crevices of e.g. crazy pavement and, on a small scale, as a lawn substitute as well. If you ensure the right growing conditions it will spread quickly all over the place.
It is easy to propagate by division in Spring. Flowering plants are full of bees and butterflies.

Thymus vulgaris

The common, wild thyme is commonly grown in the garden and is too a part of the Croatian flora. It prefers well drained soil and it grows mostly on calcareous rocky soils. I use this one as spice for various dishes. This species is somewhat higher that the one above and after flowering, I shear the bush to maintain the form. This thyme tends to became woody and empty in the centre and then is the time to replant it. 
It is good to mulch the plants in Autumn to protect them form the cold in Winter.

Tanacetum parthenium

As the name suggests, this herb is used to lower the temperature. The plant thrives full sun. It is usually 60 cm high and has several branches bearing clusters of daisy-like flowers. It may became invasive because it spreads itself rapidly and grows easily from seed. I never have to worry about new stock of plants. It is a perennial plant and bushes only need to be cut back in spring. By Autumn I have many new plants from seed and prefer to leave them rather than the old one. 


  1. Jako volim timijan,imam samo obični,i jako lijepo napreduje:)

  2. I still gets lots of little Golden Feverfew plants coming up in my garden, even though I have not officially grown it for several years.

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