Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Veg Garden

Due to the long period of cold weather in Spring I have planted my vegetables later than usual. That is why the runner beans look so small. Actually, everything grows quickly  because of the warmth and rain - weeds as well!

The ground is now warm and wet and it is ideal time to spread the mulch around the vegetables. I use grass cuttings and straw. 

The middle of the veg garden is a place for this bird-bath surrounded by thyme. Even though it likes dry weather conditions rain does not seem to bother it at all. It spreads like crazy!

Peas are taller than usual and now bloom. 

Kohlrabi and beetroot

Dwarf beans and mangold

The dill grows everywhere - I just cast the seeds all over the vegetables beds.



  1. You have made your vegetable garden look just as pretty as the flower garden!
    How do you use the Mangolds?

    1. I make mangold with cooked potatoes, some garlic and olive oil. Of course, you have to cook mangold too but not too long. Then, you mix it all together and serve as side dish with sea food, eg. fried fish or squid.

  2. Vesna prelijep ti je povrtnjak,posebno me oduševio ovaj puzajući timijan,kod mene je nažalost sav izmrzao tokom zime:)

  3. Your vegetables are still ahead of ours - we still need some warmth!

    1. It is really strange weather this year... and it's been raining again.

  4. vesna, your vegs garden is very lovely. Happy harvest!


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