Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vegetable Progress

Due to the rainy May and the first half of June, the garden looks great. Courgettes flowers look promising. Some started to produce small fruits. I always pick them up young, with fading flower on it. Young courgettes have no seeds and there is no need to peel the skin as well.

Kohlrabi looks healthy and forms stem swellings we love to eat!

Dwarf bean is flowering and forming pods.

I plant spring onion bulbs every week cause I love to eat it young. Planting onion this way prolongs the cropping and harvesting season.
I also picked up the first pods of dwarf beans. Though I love them prepared as a salad I am going to cook a vegetable stew today.


  1. What a beautiful garden and such a great harvest!

  2. Some very good-looking veg there, Vesna. Sometimes I wish I had more space so that I could grow huge crops of something!

    1. Mark, I am quite impressed with what you grow up in your limited place. And, your garden is super.


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