Friday, 8 June 2012

Who can resist the perfume?

Every time I come to work in the vegetable garden these days, I enjoy a certain aroma therapy.  The perfume comes from Lonicera which is now in full bloom. The smell is somewhat heavy when you are near it but I love it when the parfume spreads around the veg-garden. 

In spite of all rainy days, I notice no diseases on plants. Even the roses are spared of black spots and aphids.
 See the runner beans? They doubled the height in only six days!

They twine around the bamboo poles.

This year I tried something new. I sowed some asparagus seeds. As it was some month ago, I thought the seed will never germinate. Yesterday I noticed young asparagus plants. Sowing asparagus is a real exercise in patience because it will take at least three years before I will be able to harvest them. But, once established, asparagus can last for decades.

young asparagus


  1. I love the secent of flowers including honeysuckle which seems to be stronger in the evening.

  2. I saw a post on honeysuckle jelly. I wish I had seen it before our honeysuckle was through blooming.

  3. I wish you luck with the asparagus, Vesna. I took the easy route and bought young crowns. Mine is about 5 years old now, I think.

    1. I never sow asparagus plants on sale in Croatia so I bought the seeds. It is a kind of experiment that I do - I wonder when will I have the first edible crop.

  4. your Lonicera is lovely! I'm waiting for mine in bloom!


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