Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hot and Dry

Again, this summer will be very dry and hot. The weatherman said it was the hottest July start ever measured. I really cannot stand the heat and summer is not my favourite time of year. Though, my garden looks the best in early summer. This drought has some advantages - the lawn grass and weeds grow slower now. Actually, I only needed to tide up the edges on the flower beds.

When I have time, I go to the garden at the crack of done when the air is still fresh or, at least, somewhat cooler than in the day. Last night a few drops of rain fell down! But, the electrical charging was enormous! I was always fascinated by this fantastic power of nature. The lightning was so laud that the windows were shaking and we lost the electric power as well. I stood at the window (yes, I know, not very wise of me) and looked out at the light show of nature. Pitch darkness suddenly lit by the lighting - it was like in some vampire film.

'Sabine Baur' yet to be opened

Considering all that thunder, the rain was really poor. Much ado about nothing as good old Shakespeare would have said. 


PS. Due to the politics we do not understand, the town swimming pools are still closed!!! Can you imagine something like that? Last Saturday people organized a protest against the closed doors in a really funny way. They brought children's rubber pools and wash bowls and sat in them. Our firemen made the water showers!

Photo: Mario Barac

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful to me! I like the way your town protested the closed swimming pools. They looked like they were having fun. :o)


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