Tuesday, 17 July 2012


You simply have to love Delphiniums. Tall upright plants with beautifully coloured flowers. Botanically, they belong to buttercup family but the flowes look a bit different than the one of eg. Anemone or Buttercup. They usually struggle in hot and dry summer weather but mine were flowering before these hot days and already bear seeds.

They look good mixed up with yellow and orange flowered flowers. They showy spikes add hight in a perennial border. Tall varieties need staking. They love moist but well drained soil in sun or semi-shade. I have some perennal varieties and one annual species that bears blue, white or pink flowers. It is a good self-seeder and I always have plenty of new plants in spring. Their capsules are just about to open.

This year the annual Delfinium had only blue flowers. I am not quite sure if it is actually Delfinium ot Consolida, which is very similar to Delphinium.


  1. The only trouble with delphiniums is that they don't stand up to the wind very well - oh and slugs love the young plants. This is the main reason that we haven't grown them but they are lovely.

  2. I like delfiniums. I had two different kinds of them, but the frost killed them...

    Satu from Finland

  3. The colour of those Delphiniums are magnificent. I really like them, unfortunately the slugs here are also very fond of them.


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