Tuesday, 24 July 2012


The past two days the temperatures dropped and we had some rain. It should be raining on Wednesday and Thursday too and that would be real blessing for all the gardens and crop. All the plants in my garden came alive after the showers. Though they kept rather well in the drought, now they are looking even better now freshly washed and cleaned! 

Turban squash is now full of such small fruits. I grow it for decorative purposes only. The flesh of this squash is not sweet and tasty even when it is ripe. Some make soup of it but I never tried it.

Kohlrabi ready to be picked up. 

I worked in the garden for three hours this morning. What a relief to work on 17°C! I manage to clear up the flower bed in the middle of the garden. The ground was perfectly wet for weeding and there were four wheelbarrows full of cut off foliage, dead flowers and weeds!

Allium seed

And I collected some seeds as well. I left annuals and biennials to self seed and collected some of their seeds to send to my friends - aquilegias, bell flowers, delphiniums, and money plant.


  1. We have the opposite - constant rain stopped - very warm and sunny today!

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