Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Some month ago my Astrantias finished flowering. They are interesting plants that love semi-shade and calcareous soil so, they should be well on the spot I have planted them. I really love the look of the inflorescence -  long, wide bracts and a bunch of tiny flowers in the middle. The whole inflorescence looks like a star - hence the name Astrantia, from Greek 'aster', the star. 

Astrantia major 'Shaggy'

The plants reach about 60 cm in height and have leaves that resemble parsley which is not surprising as they belong to the same family Apiaceae. Astrantia loves moist soil and plenty of organic matter in it. Now I have to water it regularly, otherwise it will die.

Astrantia major 'Roma'

There are several species of Astrantia and A. major cultivars are mostly used in ornamental gardens. I have three of the cultivars: 'Ruby Wedding', 'Roma' and 'Shaggy'.


  1. I've two astrantias - lovely flowers.Ithink one of mine is called rubra a red variet - the other is white.

  2. Vesna, you never do things in half-measures! You are never content with just one cultivar of something - you always have 3 or 5 or 10! Am I right in believing that Astrantias dry well, and keep for ages?

    1. I never tried to dry them and I cannot tell you if they keep forever.
      About me, yes you are right.


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