Monday, 20 August 2012

Hot Days, Hot Chilli!

Can you imagine not being in the garden for more than a week? Well, that is exactly what I did. I simply have no heart to watch all the toil and trouble gone to the waste; scorched leaves, completely dry plants, no flowers and no fruits for that matter. We have water but are not allowed to irrigate the gardens with it so, I just let it be and wait what will happen. The private wells that most people do have in their gardens and yards  are exhausted too. And, there is no rain in the horizon, at least until the next Sunday. Longer, I am afraid and I am not a pessimist!
I went in the garden today only to find out the misery. But some plants seem to love this heath and drought. I picked up some chilli peppers and bit a tip of one - sooo hot! They are short and have funny colour.

Brussels sprouts are partly in shade during the day and maybe that is the reason they are doing well. They already have tiny sprouts in the leave axes.

And,  this Goosefoot likes sun. I just love the red colour of the whole plant. Looks great in the sun light.


  1. Poor you! It's hard for me to imagine it being so hot. We are getting plenty of rain here. This weekend we have a Public Holiday, so it is CERTAIN to rain!
    Love those chillis, BTW.

  2. Glad you at least got some peppers...Such crazy weather for everyone this summer, you have no rain and we are waiting for a hurricane here in Orlando!


    1. I saw the news... don'z know what is worst.


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