Friday, 10 August 2012

Good Morning!

To my great surprise, it was raining a bit this night! The chances for a rain were almost zero and I left table clothes and cushions on the terrace. They got wet, of course, and I never thought I would be so happy because of that!
The weather men said yesterday it is the hottest summer ever - not only in Croatia. The water restriction Level 2 is in order; every 12 hours another part of the town had disconnected water supplies. Many people have the wells but it doesn't help much when water levels are so low.
This rain shower was real blessing from the sky. 
Plants fight against drought in many ways. Some drop a part of foliage like my Magnolia above or fold the leaves to diminish transpiration. For some others there is no help at all and they simply slowly die. Even watering doesn't help much. 

I have another problem with my ex - shade garden. The small tree that kept Hostas, Astilbes and other shade loving plants away from sun, suddenly died and I had to cut it off. I just have to find some other small or medium size tree to plant it on the same spot or I have to change the whole planting plan. The Hosta above suffers the drought but it also got sun burns.

Even ferns in the shade have dry and scorched tips. 


  1. We have obviously swapped weather-patterns for a while: we have had sunshine and no rain for the last 3 or 4 days, and for us this is very welcome.

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