Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Hot Summer Continues

The tomato cropping season started well. Every day I pick up some fruits. Remember my big tomato plant from the last year? Well, some of the seeds survived the winter outside and now the new plant is growing from the brick paving crevice! Last year I had buckets of tomatoes from this single plant way out into Autumn (in spite of drought). I wonder if this one would be as productive as the previous one. Funny thing is - they have planted themselves by accident and do better than the the tomatoes in the vegetable garden.

I wonder how long the plants would tolerate this dry and hot weather. The drought slowly takes its toll. Many plants have scorched leaves or wilt. I do water a bit but, nothing does well as the good rain shower. Besides, the water restriction stage 1 is in order meaning no garden watering. So, I water only the necessary. The weatherman said no rain on the horizon for the long time. Reading other gardening blogs, I realized some have nothing but the rain, and the other suffer extremely dry weather. I wonder if it would be normal ever again. When I was a child, the so called 'summer storms' were  common. The quick shower watered the ground and streams of rainwater were running on the roadside drainage. We children used to walk bare-feet in this warm rain water.

Astilbe before the heath...

Have you noticed how the day became shorter? Only a few weeks ago I use to go in my garden at five o'clock in the morning before the heath. Now it is dark at this hour. I did some tiding up in the flower border but sometimes I think that leaving them as they are does them better - the thick growth and some weeds among the ornamentals keeps the ground in the shade and prevent the soil from overheating.
I think, I will forget all about beauty and only pray for the plants to survive. 


  1. What you say about the self-sown tomato plant is so true: the "volunteers" often do better than the cosseted ones in the veg patch. Maybe they don't like us fussing around with them,tying them up, force-feeding them etc and would rather do things their own way?

  2. How lucky you are to have tomatoes growing outdoors, ours are struggling in the greenhouse.

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