Monday, 27 August 2012

Wheather Update

It was raining in the afternoon yesterday and over the night. Even now as I write it, the rain is drizzling. I almost cannot believe it! Finally, the plants got some water and I after a while I will see for which one was too late. Thanks God, the rain came silently. There was no such a strong wind that crushed down the trees as in some regions of Croatia.
The days that follow will be sunny again but it will not be so hot any more. And, the new rain is coming for the weekend. Back to gardening again; the garden needs tiding up a bit.


  1. I hope that most of your plants will survive. In any event, you must think positively and see this as an opportunity to get some NEW plants!

  2. Well Mark, it costs money too. And, I have so many varieties of plants. Who knows if I can buy them again. The worse is that my garden is well established and new plants take time to grow up.


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