Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello Autumn

Isn't  nature wonderful? A few good showers and everything is green again. I don't remember when I last mow the lawn. Now it is time to do it again. The sun lured me out into garden. It is warm but not so hot and humid as it was in summer. Here, there are the photos that I took with my camera.

Praying mantis taking the sun bath.

Aster full of busy bees...

Look who occupied the bird house!

I love this white Aster 'Christina'.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

After the Rain

Finally, the rain has fallen. It watered the garden nicely and many plants came alive again. Thanks God, they have all survived the drought. There is many dry and dead leaves to remove and beds need clearing up. No wonderful autumn look this year but, Asters and Sedums are about to flower.

Colchicums appeared on the lawn as well. Wet weather brought  unwanted guests on some plants - orange coloured aphids - but I do not worry about it, the plants are dry anyway. And, natural predators have already occupied the plants too - Ladybirds!

There is also lots of them on the same plants feeding on aphids! These bright orange aphids are on my Milkweed and I am pretty sure they are Aphis nerii species.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Strange Flower and a Hoof

Nature creates the most beautiful gardens and plants the most unusual plants or mushrooms, in my case. This mushroom is called 'Chicken of the Woods' (Laetiporus sulphureus) and appeared on some old dead tree trunk in the park. Pretty strange considering the drought.

They look like a giant flowers. Aren't they beautiful? By the way, they are edible when young. I photographed another mushroom called 'Artist's Bracket'. Don't you love the common names?

Ganoderma applanatum

This is a bracket fungus that lives on dead or older trees. Why the name 'Artist's Bracket'? The underside, where the tiny holes are holding spores, is white and one can draw on it with some sharp implement. The lines soon became dark and you get your picture!

Monday, 3 September 2012


September started with fog (??!) and overcast but no rain at all. What usually is a cropping time, in my garden completely failed. Well, I have some tomatoes and tiny hazelnuts and that is all. As for flowers, only roses withstand this awful drought. 
Two days ago heavy rain showers stroke the coastal regions but not the place where I live. Not a drop fell. For instance, the town of  Zadar on the coast was completely flooded  with 110 litres of rain in one single afternoon. It is usual monthly average in summer!

I broke no garden watering rule last evening and watered the garden completely. Otherwise, I will have no garden at all. I feel really miserable looking at the dry yellow foliage of the plants. I pray only for them to survive. At least, it is not so hot any more and one sleeps well at night. It does good to plants as well.