Sunday, 16 September 2012

After the Rain

Finally, the rain has fallen. It watered the garden nicely and many plants came alive again. Thanks God, they have all survived the drought. There is many dry and dead leaves to remove and beds need clearing up. No wonderful autumn look this year but, Asters and Sedums are about to flower.

Colchicums appeared on the lawn as well. Wet weather brought  unwanted guests on some plants - orange coloured aphids - but I do not worry about it, the plants are dry anyway. And, natural predators have already occupied the plants too - Ladybirds!

There is also lots of them on the same plants feeding on aphids! These bright orange aphids are on my Milkweed and I am pretty sure they are Aphis nerii species.


  1. Hooray for the good bugs! The ladybirds should be happy! I am glad you have had some rain and that your garden came throughout the drought OK.

    1. Yes, the garden does lost the look but, it has survived...

  2. Orange coloured aphids, thank goodness for the ladybirds. Great looking Sedum.

  3. I love ladybugs! Hopefully I'll see some soon in my new garden. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos as always!


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