Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello Autumn

Isn't  nature wonderful? A few good showers and everything is green again. I don't remember when I last mow the lawn. Now it is time to do it again. The sun lured me out into garden. It is warm but not so hot and humid as it was in summer. Here, there are the photos that I took with my camera.

Praying mantis taking the sun bath.

Aster full of busy bees...

Look who occupied the bird house!

I love this white Aster 'Christina'.


  1. Our Autumn has started off with really torrential rain - much worse than we usually get.

    1. I saw it on the news - flood in nothern England... After the summer drought, we appreciate every drop of rain.

  2. Vesna predivno ti je sve,vrt ti je prekrasno oporavljen nakon suše:)

  3. Love your pictures! I just made a similar post about spring coming my way :)


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