Sunday, 21 October 2012

Day Out

This Autumn is beautiful. The days are warm and quite sunny. My best friend and I went to the lake in the afternoon. The swans came back! We spotted them in the distance quite near the shore and walked on in silence to be able to take some shots of them. Last time they were here, they swam off  as soon as they saw us.

This time, to our great surprised, they swam towards us and stayed close!

Maybe they wanted to pose us, who knows...

They cleaned the feathers and...

...searched the food in the murky shallow water full of algae.


  1. What a lovely setting it made my heart sing... Must be the lack of sunshine this year, a refreshing change

  2. Beautiful. Your lake looks very similar to ours - "Fleet Pond". I wrote a blog post about ours once. Did you see it? I love Swans. They are such graceful creatures (when they are swimming, that is).


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