Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mushroom Season

This rainy afternoon seems dark and gloomy but I am in a good mood because my order from T&M already arrived. As I have already told you, I got 50 pounds gift voucher from T&M which was enough for 27 seed packages! I really have to say, T&M customer service is excellent, but I did not expect my order to come so quickly. Now I am enjoying sorting out the seed packages. I ordered some vegetable and flower seeds as well, mostly the one I cannot buy here in Croatia.


It has been raining for the past two days and I was not doing anything in my garden. The days are noticeable shorter and nights are colder. I did not finish tiding up but I am not so keen to do it either. It is better to leave the foliage to protect the plant crowns from winter cold and frost.
 Sage was severely damaged by the frost and cold last winter and I gave it a hard back-cut in Spring. Actually, sage benefits from cutting back. It keeps it bushy and compact. And, it doubled its size since! 

Boletus edulis (Penny Bun)

These moist and warm days of the last week were ideal for mushroom growth. I picked up lots of Penny Buns as well as Parasol mushrooms. No need to tell you what was on the menu day by day! What can I say, I am crazy about mushrooms. I photograph the species, make notes about their growth, pick them up and cook...

These appeared on my lawn...


  1. Prekrasno Vesna,uživat ćeš u ovome sjemenu kada ga budeš zasijala i iz njega krenu plodovi..uživaj u gljivama,ja sam našla pola kg na tržnici vjeruj obradovala sam im se kao malo dijete..

  2. I often buy from T&M too. They have a very good selection of stock, and are good on delivery as well. Wish I had some of those "Penny Bun" mushrooms in my garden. They are not easy to find here, and expensive in the shops. Have you ever eaten Shaggy Ink Caps, and if so, what do you think of them? There are lots of them around where I live, but I have heard that they are not particularly good to eat.

  3. That is indeed amazing. I just love mushrooms. I can think of a lot of tasty recipes with mushrooms. Cool!

  4. o kako simpatična stvaritev - mnjami...


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