Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Feels Like Spring

For the end of November, the weather is unusually warm in Croatia. It's been up to 16°C in the morning and  19°C during the day. Feels more like Spring coming. Some plants feel it too and started to bloom. 
My house plant Areca palm, developed these strange inflorescences above. But, what is more odd, plants outside are blooming too. This cherry, for example...

This weekend we expect considerable temperature drop and a touch of winter. It will be certainly quite a shock for all the plants and they have not a warm coats to wear.
I wonder if we would have a white Christmas. What's the weather like at your place?


  1. When we had a palm like this it flowered in the same way. The flowers are small yellow balls and they smell awful - fortunately you have to get fairly close to smell them.

  2. The cold weather has already arrived here in London, it was frost last night, and we expect frost this night too, although day temperature crept up to 6 plus. Chilly!


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