Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New Bird-feeders

Snowy days, finally! I love the atmosphere and this clean look of white snow. This advent time make us always nostalgic for some old times as we decorate our homes and expect Christmas... so, I gave my photographs this vintage look. It is not very cold, about 0°C. 
I got new bird-feeders. My blogger friend Nely (check here out her life style blog Blue Hortensia) has sent me a parcel with lovely Christmas wooden ornaments and these two bird-houses, actually, the bird-feeders.

I bought the balls of seeds mixed with grease in a supermarket. Usually, I make my own but these were on sale, super cheap.


  1. We bought a new bird feeder last week. The RSPB reserve had been chopping down some birch trees and so were selling bits of log predrilled with holes. You could fill the holes yourself from a tray of suitable food provided and give a donation

  2. Very nice. Your friend is very generous.

  3. Those are great looking suet feeders! So much nicer than the plastic ones that are sold here. What a nice friend you have!


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