Sunday, 16 December 2012

Vegetables in December

The thermometer (stands on the wall in a shade) shows 13°C! Of course, the snow has completely gone. I have made some Christmas decoration on the table standing on the terrace. Love to see something nice when looking through the window in a winter day.
I also hanged my old bird-feeder and put some decorations on them too. Judging by the number of visits, my feather friends are delighted.

The snow serves as a good protection from the cold and in my vegetable garden there is still crop to pick up. Winter lettuce developed very good seedlings. I do not replant them at this time of the year, just thin them up leaving space for other to grow bigger.

This mini-cabbage is actually a bud of Brussels sprout. This happens when you wait too long to pick them up. I eat these too, of course. 

Still plenty of others to pick up.

It is a beautiful sunny day, I am going out!

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  1. 13 degrees is almost HOT for this time of year!


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