Friday, 25 January 2013

In the House

This beauty is currently blooming in my house. Wrongly called Amaryllis, this is actually a plant from the same family but different genus. It is Hippeastrum. With a proper care, it will bloom every year again.
Most people wonder how small are the pots for the bulb. That is what this plant likes (and Amaryllis too). Bulbs are to be planted in just a few centimetres bigger pots than the bulb itself. Another important thing about planting - plant it in the ground by 2/3 of it size. 
The bulb has it vegetation rhythm. It may be transplanted into new pot in December while in dormitory phase. The pots have to be placed on bright place with temperature of 20 - 22 °C until the first buds appear. 

Well developed plants love to be on 18 to 20 °C. Wrong thing to do is to cut off the leaves once the plant finished to bloom. The bulb needs to grow and collect the strength for the next season. Keep the pots on the bright, moderately warm place (20°C), water them regularly and add some fertilizer into water as well. By the end of September decrease watering. The leaves will wilt naturally. Now, move the pot into darker, colder place until new buds start to appear again. It sounds complicated but it isn't. Trust me!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

I Got Straw!

box that caught a cold..

That 15 cm of snow that fell down a few days ago was about all we had. The winter magic lasted until evening. Most parts of Croatia have piles of snow (some parts did not see so much snow in the last 120 years!) and cope with traffic collapse. Here, the rain is drizzling. Well, the rain is not so bad as long as the temperature stays above zero.
Reading your blogs I have realised that all of you are as impatient as I am to start the new gardening season. Most of us is about sorting out the seeds which I am doing too.

One box for flower, the other box for vegetable seed...

I will certainly sow some of the seeds inside by the end of February. By the end of March, the weather would be warm enough to start sowing peas outside and some vegetables indoors. I love to have early seedlings to plant them out as soon as the soil warms up. As for flowers, I will sow them all outdoors and need to wait for the warmer days. I have not so much space in the house to keep all the pots and trays.

Yesterday I got this nice pile of straw. I will used it this year as mulch in the vegetable garden. For years I do not dig the soil in my vegetable garden but only loosen it up with strong fork. I add compost, some organic manure and wait for the soil to warm up. I used to mulch it with grass cuttings but now I got straw!
If you would like to read more about it and lots of other good things, please go to the 


Snow on the Adriatic coast is really rare! This is a scene from the town of Split!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

It is Snowing!

I must admit, I am quite happy to see my garden under white cover of snow. It is winter time, isn't it? When I was a child we had deep snow almost the whole winter. Now, winters are mild and dry.

My flower arrangement on the terrace got the most beautiful winter touch. I have put the plate of bird food in the centre and enjoy the view at the tits, robins and sparrows coming to feed themselves. They are the most common species coming here. 

Snowdrops justifying their name...

Dry follicles of Hibiscus got the white caps - they look like cotton!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Snowdrops

My faithful friends, these snowdrops, appear every year round New year time. But only on one particular spot in the garden. The others are waiting until Spring.