Friday, 25 January 2013

In the House

This beauty is currently blooming in my house. Wrongly called Amaryllis, this is actually a plant from the same family but different genus. It is Hippeastrum. With a proper care, it will bloom every year again.
Most people wonder how small are the pots for the bulb. That is what this plant likes (and Amaryllis too). Bulbs are to be planted in just a few centimetres bigger pots than the bulb itself. Another important thing about planting - plant it in the ground by 2/3 of it size. 
The bulb has it vegetation rhythm. It may be transplanted into new pot in December while in dormitory phase. The pots have to be placed on bright place with temperature of 20 - 22 °C until the first buds appear. 

Well developed plants love to be on 18 to 20 °C. Wrong thing to do is to cut off the leaves once the plant finished to bloom. The bulb needs to grow and collect the strength for the next season. Keep the pots on the bright, moderately warm place (20°C), water them regularly and add some fertilizer into water as well. By the end of September decrease watering. The leaves will wilt naturally. Now, move the pot into darker, colder place until new buds start to appear again. It sounds complicated but it isn't. Trust me!


  1. Must admit I rarely get them to flowers again despite following instructions.

    I've tried to refer to them as hippeastrum but when even nurseries sell them as amaryllis - I've given up!

    1. In Poland nurseries sell them as hippeastrum but anyway everybody calls them amarylis.

  2. Such a rich color. Beautiful by any name! P. x


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