Sunday, 13 January 2013

It is Snowing!

I must admit, I am quite happy to see my garden under white cover of snow. It is winter time, isn't it? When I was a child we had deep snow almost the whole winter. Now, winters are mild and dry.

My flower arrangement on the terrace got the most beautiful winter touch. I have put the plate of bird food in the centre and enjoy the view at the tits, robins and sparrows coming to feed themselves. They are the most common species coming here. 

Snowdrops justifying their name...

Dry follicles of Hibiscus got the white caps - they look like cotton!


  1. Very pretty - especially the flower arrangement. We are supposedly going to have snow here this week, which I am not looking forward to, since it always makes travelling very difficult. Snow is only OK if you can stay indoors and admire it!

  2. Oh, it looks very nice and clean, great photos, we are waiting for our first snow of this winter here in London, it might come this night!


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