Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Aronia melanocarpa

If you are wondering why this plant is standing in the bucket, I will tell you. It has just arrived by post and is supposed to be planted in the garden. But it is snowing and there is no chance to do it. 
I think, I will firstly plant this shrub in a container. There is no chance to dig the hole in this wet and cold ground for some time on.
The plant arrived with a zigzag folded booklet with description of the plant and advises on planting and caring for it. Aronia berries are edible and have positive impact on one's health. It has great antioxidant qualities which prevents some cardiovascular diseases and gastric disorders, cancer and inflammations.

Row berries are inedible because of their tannin content which causes dry, puckering mouth-feel. Cooked berries are used to prepare jam, vine, deserts and juice. There are some recipes in the booklet too.
As for cultivation, Aronia prefers wet ground and somewhat acid soil. It is very resistant to coldness. The single bush may produce up to 10 kg of berries. 
In Croatia, this bush flowers in April or May and berries are ripe by the end of August.

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  1. I have one bush of aronia, it isn't very tasty when eating raw, but in jams and juices - it's delicious! And very healthy :)


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