Thursday, 14 March 2013

The first seedlings

Believe it or not, I have just taken these photos in my garden! It is not so cold, only feels colder than it is because of the northern wind. Round ten o 'clock in the morning there was a real blizzard outside. This kind of weather is supposed to end by tomorrow.

On the other hand... indoors is quite a different story! Kale was the first to germinate (sown on March 9th). I was surprised to see how quick the seedlings of kale grow. They showed up only yesterday and look, they stretched about 1.5 cm just in 24 hours!  The seeds I ordered from T&M is really of excellent quality; each of them has germinated. I am particularly looking forward to kale 'Rossignol', with ruffled foliage and 'Scarlet', with highly decorative, purple leaves. 

I got some aubergine and cyclamen seeds yesterday and I am going to sow them right now. Curious too see the aubergines, they are supposed to be small and white!


  1. Apparently this freak weather is everywhere! I could show the similar picture from my garden... But your seedling are doing great! Good luck with white(??) aubergines!

  2. WE seem to have missed this bout of snow at the moment just a little sprinkle now and again

  3. It is cold in London too, but the snow we got Monday this weeek didn't settle, just a light drizzle for a couple of hours and then it was gone. The cold weather is everywhe, my sister in Norway had minus 15 degrees Celsius and she has still got more than 1m snow in her garden.

    Nice to see your seedlings are doing well - indoors, that's where I am doing best too!

  4. So good to see those early seedlings, I think we are all longing for Spring now though.


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