Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sowing Early

My plan to spend the Saturday morning in the veg garden sowing broad bean and pea failed because of the rain. These are two early crops do the best in a cooler growing conditions and may be sown as early as end of February. I have to wait a little bit longer to sow them.  Sowing itself won't take long because I have already prepared the beds for these two. I added wood ashes to the broad bean bed because it loves a good portion of potash. Adding potash to the soil will also prevent a fungal infection called chocolate spot.

Well, rain or not, it won't stop me to do some gardening work. I occupied my kitchen and sowed the vegetable seeds into modules. I sowed four varieties of kale, celery and chili peppers. I also tried something new: tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica) and golden berry (Physalis peruviana). I already have Physalis alkekengi  in my garden with orange berries that also grows wild in Croatia. All of these are memebers of Solanaceae, the nightshade family. 


Iris reticulata in my rock garden... 

and Crocuses in the town park...

As for sowing the flowers, I will wait until warmer weather when I can leave the modules under cover outside. Today, I only sowed cup and saucers, Cobaea scandens and oriental poppy 'Coral Reef'  to germinate in the house.


  1. I hope your Physalis succeeds. I grew them once, but the crop was very small. On the other hand, I grew Tomatillo once and they produced HUGE amounts of fruit.
    The info about using wood ash to prevent Chocolate Spot is interesting; I'd not heard of that before, and my Broad Beans often suffer from that disease.

    1. Chocolate Spot is common disease on Broad Bean. I remember my grandmother spreading ash onto beds as fertilizer. I did some research on the subject and find out it prevents fungal diseases too.

  2. Good luck with your seeds! The weather has been dreadful in London too, and from tomorrow it is back to being winter. Ugh. Have a nice Sunday!


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