Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hypertufa Planters

Last Friday I was busy making the planters of hypertufa. I made lots of planters because I will have my own stand at the flower show next Sunday here where I live. 

I made them in all shapes and sizes, with handles and without, round and rectangular. Because of the very warm weather we have they were dry enough by today to be planted. I mostly used Sempervivums and Sedums, succulent plants that can survive poor growing conditions. I also used some small ferns that grow on the walls and thyme as well. So, here, there are some of my pot gardens.

The plants need some time to establish and fill in the small gaps but even now, it look all good to me!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ornamental Cherry

My ornamental cherry tree is blooming at the moment. The tree is small. I have planted it in Autumn  2011 and this is the first time the tree has so many flowers.

The cultivar name is 'Royal Burgundy', because of the deep burgundy red foliage. The flowers are set in clusters and have multiple pink colored petals. I wanted the tree with multiple interest, flowers in Spring and red foliage during the whole growing season.

I know, it will take a lot of years to have big cherry tree but I love this one of mine just the way it is now. 

And, this is the big old cherry tree in my mother's friend front yard.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Going Easy Today

What a place to make a nest! I found it in my
other shed where I keep a lawnmower and my bike. I too keep there a couple of wood planks and some tools such as these rakes where some birdie made the nest upon. So cute. The nest is empty but I will leave it to see whether it is from the last season or the this one.

This is my new compost bin. I used four old palettes to make it; simple and easy. My work today was more relaxing, no digging but only tiding up and clearing my potting place. I got a big old wooden table from my mother's friend who is moving into a flat. She also said I can dig up all the plants I want from her garden. I am so happy. Now I have so many space to stack up pots and place water bottles and potting tools. Tomorrow, I will go to get the plants from her garden and sow the flower seeds outdoors.


Maybe I find the time to mow the lawn again!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Making Compost

I know, we all know what to do but, I always love to read about it at the beginning of the new gardening season.  Link is here - lots of good notes and advises.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hard Work is My Destiny

 One might think, the moment you build up all the hardware (garden features) in your garden and plant the plants, which I call garden software, the work is done. But no, garden is a living creature, undergoing growth  and profusion but also decoy and destruction. So it is in my garden and yours as well, I believe. Apart from regular maintenance, I always have some corner to change and build up, some new patch to plant.

I built up this brick way in the morning. It took me a lot of digging and leveling the ground before I simply laid the bricks. But I am satisfied with the result. I will half-fill the brick holes with sand and then with sand-cement mixture to make it impenetrable for weeds.  The way leads to a triangle shaped patch behind my garden fence. It is surrounded by Forsythias and hidden from the eyes of others. It is actually a community ground and I got permission to use it. I have my compost heaps there and lots of space to store all the garden waist. 
Now I have to finish digging the ground on the left side of the path and make a planting plan. That's is, physically, less demanding job.

Now, the tulips and Magnolias are in full bloom... 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Look What I Found

Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated with nature. To me it is a real cabinet of curiosity and this fascination will never fade.
Contrary to many people who dislike insects and say 'yikes!' to them, I am fascinated with they looks, number of species and at the most with their metamorphosis. I found this chrysalis today while digging in my garden. Clearly, it belongs to some butterfly, I'd said to some moth because it is rather big - like my thumb! Thanks God I did not hurt it with my hoe. I put it back to the ground and hope I haven't disturbed the transformation.
You can see large eyes and so called proboscis, this slightly coiled sucking part of the butterfly's mouth.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being Busy

I worked in my garden today for three hours. Everything grows fast, weeds too! Grape hyacinths are everywhere, even on the lawn spread by seeds. It looks the best when grown 'en mass'. Isn't it the color is so beautiful?

Thanks God, the broad beans showed up at last. I already thought it never will because I sowed it some six weeks ago! Under the trees Luzula sylvatica, Greater Wood Rush, is in full bloom. This plant loves shade and is primarily used as ground cover. It spreads by stolons and quickly makes dense clusters. Although vigorous it is not invasive. Plants from the genus Luzula in nature usually grow in woods.

In the rock garden, there is one single Fritillaria. I am a bit angry with the cats visiting my garden. So many plants wilt because cats pee on them! I have many plants, some of them being rather expensive and I really have no understanding for these cats. I just don't know what to do with them.

Fritillaria meleagris

Tomorrow, I will mow the lawn for the first time this season. It is supposed to be sunny the whole week, just about enough time to bring everything back in order.
The weather man said that the last month was one with the most rainy days ever - 24!

Friday, 12 April 2013


At the moment, yellow is the most prominent color in my garden. Yellow Forsithyas and daffodills are accompanied with purple and blue hyacinths, blue bells and grape hyacinths .. The weather is much warmer, it was 20°C today! 

I put out on the terrace my grape tree; the fruits are really big, 34 cm around! Cleaned the terrace, washed the chairs and the table and  enjoyed my first coffee out this season. 

Plum trees are in full bloom. It is amazing how little time and good weather it takes them to develop flowers.
The seedlings in the house developed first true leaves. For a week they did not seem to do anything and I thought they never will. I think, I will take them out too. It should be really warm for the whole week on.

The grass is high, needs mowing and the ground dries slowly out and will be workable. Yippee, the proper garden season starts! Finally.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

One Sunny Morning...

Today's sunny morning was just a short break between two rainy periods. Namely, it is supposed to rain again in the afternoon! When this annoying rain plans to stop? In spite of muddy ground (hooray for wellies) I managed to pull together one big compost heap (I am working in the afternoon this week). The ground is absolutely unworkable, too wet and sticky and I wonder when I would be able to work in the garden?
These poor daffodils resist all the weather conditions and, at the moment, they are only flowers in the garden.

PS. The weather is still sunny an

Monday, 1 April 2013

Transplanting the Seedlings

These beautiful seedlings on the collage picture above are seedlings of Cobaea scandens - Cup and Saucers. All the seeds I have sown in the beginning of March germinated well and have reached the stadium in which they have to be transplanted into bigger pots.

Kale 'Scarlet'

The only Kale seedlings I transplanted are these of cultivar 'Scarlet'.  The other were too elongated, due to the small amount of light in the house. No wonder, it is mostly cloudy outside. I sow kale 'Black Tuscany' and 'Rossignol' again today. Luckily, I have enough seeds left. the days are longer now and I 'll see to transplant them as soon as they are

Nothing can be sown outside because of the bad weather. It was snowing in the morning, and the temperature is still low. New rain and snow are announced for the next few days and I am wondering when we would be able to start working in the garden again. The weeds already stared to grow and the ground is too wet to work on it. It is really frustrating.
I have lots of flowers to sow, who knows, maybe I will have to start sowing them indoors as well.