Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hard Work is My Destiny

 One might think, the moment you build up all the hardware (garden features) in your garden and plant the plants, which I call garden software, the work is done. But no, garden is a living creature, undergoing growth  and profusion but also decoy and destruction. So it is in my garden and yours as well, I believe. Apart from regular maintenance, I always have some corner to change and build up, some new patch to plant.

I built up this brick way in the morning. It took me a lot of digging and leveling the ground before I simply laid the bricks. But I am satisfied with the result. I will half-fill the brick holes with sand and then with sand-cement mixture to make it impenetrable for weeds.  The way leads to a triangle shaped patch behind my garden fence. It is surrounded by Forsythias and hidden from the eyes of others. It is actually a community ground and I got permission to use it. I have my compost heaps there and lots of space to store all the garden waist. 
Now I have to finish digging the ground on the left side of the path and make a planting plan. That's is, physically, less demanding job.

Now, the tulips and Magnolias are in full bloom... 


  1. Yes Vesna, you are right - a garden is never finished. There is always something else you need (or want) to do! Are the bricks new, or are they second-hand?

    1. I bought these bricks some 12 years ago when I did some arch in my kitchen (the bricks are actually decorative) and these are left unused. So, I used them now for this path.

  2. The buds on our magnolia have just started to swell and show the colour of the petals.


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