Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ornamental Cherry

My ornamental cherry tree is blooming at the moment. The tree is small. I have planted it in Autumn  2011 and this is the first time the tree has so many flowers.

The cultivar name is 'Royal Burgundy', because of the deep burgundy red foliage. The flowers are set in clusters and have multiple pink colored petals. I wanted the tree with multiple interest, flowers in Spring and red foliage during the whole growing season.

I know, it will take a lot of years to have big cherry tree but I love this one of mine just the way it is now. 

And, this is the big old cherry tree in my mother's friend front yard.


  1. They are beautiful when in flower. I haven't noticed any flowering round here yet.

  2. It looks beautiful! Does it smell?


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