Thursday, 4 April 2013

One Sunny Morning...

Today's sunny morning was just a short break between two rainy periods. Namely, it is supposed to rain again in the afternoon! When this annoying rain plans to stop? In spite of muddy ground (hooray for wellies) I managed to pull together one big compost heap (I am working in the afternoon this week). The ground is absolutely unworkable, too wet and sticky and I wonder when I would be able to work in the garden?
These poor daffodils resist all the weather conditions and, at the moment, they are only flowers in the garden.

PS. The weather is still sunny an


  1. We do have some sun, but temperature is very low. You are very lucky to have these cheerful flowers in your garden!

  2. We have had no rain for ages, and the strong winds have really dried out our soil. At least it means we have no mud to contend with!


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