Monday, 1 April 2013

Transplanting the Seedlings

These beautiful seedlings on the collage picture above are seedlings of Cobaea scandens - Cup and Saucers. All the seeds I have sown in the beginning of March germinated well and have reached the stadium in which they have to be transplanted into bigger pots.

Kale 'Scarlet'

The only Kale seedlings I transplanted are these of cultivar 'Scarlet'.  The other were too elongated, due to the small amount of light in the house. No wonder, it is mostly cloudy outside. I sow kale 'Black Tuscany' and 'Rossignol' again today. Luckily, I have enough seeds left. the days are longer now and I 'll see to transplant them as soon as they are

Nothing can be sown outside because of the bad weather. It was snowing in the morning, and the temperature is still low. New rain and snow are announced for the next few days and I am wondering when we would be able to start working in the garden again. The weeds already stared to grow and the ground is too wet to work on it. It is really frustrating.
I have lots of flowers to sow, who knows, maybe I will have to start sowing them indoors as well.


  1. More of the same here today. 3C and strong Easterly wind. It feels as if we are still in mid-Winter.

  2. Hardly any sowing happening here yet - hope the weather sorts itself out soon

  3. I have a few things that are in the seedling stage. It is so satisfying to watch them grow.

  4. Congratulations on your healthy new babies. You have motivated me to start my indoor seed-sowing! P. x

  5. These look great. I am ready to plant garden, but it is still so cold here. Slow to warm up this year.:)


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