Friday, 12 April 2013


At the moment, yellow is the most prominent color in my garden. Yellow Forsithyas and daffodills are accompanied with purple and blue hyacinths, blue bells and grape hyacinths .. The weather is much warmer, it was 20°C today! 

I put out on the terrace my grape tree; the fruits are really big, 34 cm around! Cleaned the terrace, washed the chairs and the table and  enjoyed my first coffee out this season. 

Plum trees are in full bloom. It is amazing how little time and good weather it takes them to develop flowers.
The seedlings in the house developed first true leaves. For a week they did not seem to do anything and I thought they never will. I think, I will take them out too. It should be really warm for the whole week on.

The grass is high, needs mowing and the ground dries slowly out and will be workable. Yippee, the proper garden season starts! Finally.


  1. Lovely photographs. Lovely to see the plum blossom :)

  2. We're behind you at the moment and certainly haven't achieved 20C

  3. I love the cheerful bright yellows and first new growth of spring - hooray!

  4. wow, tolle naturfotos!!! ich hoffe auch noch auf den frühling, ich friere hier und der regen klopft an die scheiben!!! alles liebe von angie

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