Saturday, 4 May 2013


In the rock garden.

I really don't believe my eyes! Everywhere around my town is raining but here! And, some rain would be so nice to the thirsty ground. I am just looking at the black clouds upon the hills in the distance and hearing the thunder... Fresh breeze is coming in through the open window.
I have packed my hipertufa planters for tomorrow's flower show. The show literally takes place behind the fence of my garden - in the town park. At least I don't have to carry my products a long way.

I managed to make some tea light holders as well. I used small flower pots as molds and decorated  the upper side with some pebbles. I think they will look great at the garden table.

The white Bleeding Heart planted last year has the first flowers. The plant is small and tender, looks almost shy among well established plants that surround it. what a lovely white hearts, don't you think so?


  1. Hope the flower show goes well, and that you sell lots of the planters and tea-light holders!

  2. Our dicentra is late this year - hope your sale goes well


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