Friday, 10 May 2013

In the Veg Garden

Warm weather and the reasonable amounts of rain do the miracle for the ornamental and vegetable garden as well. My broad bean is doing well and developed the first flowers. Once the ground is warm and wet, I put the straw mulch around it. 

The dwarf and climbing beans popped out in just a few days. This is the dwarf bean with purple pods called 'Amethyst'. I am curious to see it. 

Garlic, planted in Autumn last year and lettuce are growing nicely. It is great having ones own vegetable in the garden. The garlic from supermarkets is imported from, (where else!?) China! When you cooked it or put it into salads it turns green!
And, finally, I expect a very good crop of Red Currant this year. It looks great, lots of tiny fruit all over the bushes.

I will certainly make some red currant jelly. I love it's taste in the Christmas cookies.


  1. Your currants look great! You can make so many things with them! I like to dry the excess of fresh currants and eat them as a snack in winter :) It's healthy and very tasty!

    1. Sure it is! I love red currant very much in any form!

  2. I always seem to spend ages gathering redcurrants and when we have more than enough I leave the net off for the blackbirds - they adore them.

    1. I am sure my blackbirds snitch some too.


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