Sunday, 26 May 2013

Garden Walk

It's been raining and I only took a short walk through my garden. Hostas are really beautiful. This kind of weather is favorable for their growth.

Hosta 'Aureomarginata' on the left and 'Frances Williams' on the right.

The bold Hosta 'Sum and Substance' accompanied by bearded irises...

A colorful company in a shady part of the garden: the blue Hosta 'Halcyon', fern, Brunnera, Solomon's Seal in the background...

Clematis montana is yet to flower.


  1. I love your hostas! I have only two varieties - and I even don't know their names, because I got them from a neighbour who didn't know the names too.

  2. That's a very dark coloured montana - does it have a name?

    1. I bought it as C. montana 'Superba' but, that variety has a pale pink flowers. It could be C. montana 'Rubra'.

  3. Hostas probably wouldn't grow well in my garden. The soil is too dry and sandy. - which is a shame, because there are some very beautiful ones available. You seem to have many of them!

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