Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lilac and Yellow

Finally, the garden is getting the color. The lilac is in full bloom. If you could only sense the scent that comes with the wind! In the rock garden, the yellow Alyssum saxatile draws the most attention. This is the cultivar 'Corbeille d'Or', or 'Basket of Gold, the name well deserved.

The plant seeds itself well. In the semi-shade part of my garden the tree peony produces lots of pink flowers.  I just love it. I have another bush in the other part of my garden but the plant is, for so far unknown reason,  slowly dying. I am really devastated because this bush was big and had as many as 30 flowers at once. Cats again? I sow one of the branch scorched...

Laburnum, The Golden Chain has lots of yellow racemes this year.  Just love it!

I really don't know if I have told you the story about black magic in my garden. I do not believe in this stuff, but am aware that there are people who do that. And, yes, it still exists in our modern age. 
Last year, by weeding the central flower bed in my garden, I found the dead chicken buried shallow into the ground. The chicken was fresh and had the head chopped off! I found it on the spot where I stopped weeding the day before and continued that particular day. That's probably how I have discovered it.
I told my story to an old women and she asked immediately if I had found some chicken egg as well! It seems she knew about these things. I was amazed.
I have forgotten all about it but, yesterday I have found the egg hidden into Phlox in my rock garden! I did some trimming and clearing of the Phlox that lost the cushion shape and there it was, the chicken egg under the entangled stems of the Phlox! I could not believe my eyes.
That old women told me I should burn that chicken and the egg. Well, I did not burn the chicken last year, but I will burn this egg. The egg was there the whole winter, it looks old, so it must be buried at the same time as the chicken.
I really have no idea who would have done something like that because I tend to keep a good relationship with people. Maybe is someone jealous with my garden?
Is this a crazy story or what!?


  1. I trust in the old women and I love popular "black magic"! Your blog and your garden are very nice. Valentina

  2. Your garden looks so beautiful. The beauty of that tree peony almost makes me faint! I also really like the stone pot or vase (?) covered with moss next to the alyssum. What a crazy story about the chicken! I recently found parts of a rabbit buried in my garden, but from the state of it I'm pretty sure it was an animal, not a witch, who left it there...

    1. It is probably an animal who buried the bones in your garden, but no animal would even the ground after it. And the egg?

  3. It sounds like the sort of thing a fox would do.

    1. A fox cannot put the egg under the plant nor leave the ground nicely raked... it someone with a sick mind.

  4. In Poland lilac blooms in mid-May, but this year it'll probably flower a bit later.

  5. Hello Vesna Maric, this is my first visit and I got a scary story hehe... Anyway stay calm. I am sure that trick didn't work as you very pretty flowers now. Those lilacs are awesome. Keep blogging :-D Cheers, Stephanie


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