Thursday, 23 May 2013

Peonies 1

The last week of May and early days in June is the time for the Peonies. Early tree peony and good old cultivar 'Rubra Plena' have already finished the flowering. The peony 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' on the picture above opened the first flower.

The others have lots of buds... this one is Peonia officinalis 'Rosea plena'. Another two species are yet to open their flowers. The soil in my garden seems to be ideal for growing peonies and I plan to buy some more in Autumn. 

These loos like white but, are actually pale pink colored flowers. I don't know the name of the cultivar.

This is peony 'Festiva Maxima'. It has lots of large white flowers with tiny pink spots in the middle. One of the bad things with peony cultivars are these large and pretty heavy flowers that often need support. May is usually rainy and the rain makes the flowers even heavier. I put the wire collar around the bush early in Spring. As the stems grow they cover the wire. Additionally, I use to tie each stem to the supporting stick.  It  prevents stems falling to the ground. Not always an amusing job supporting all the stems but, worth time taken. 

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  1. Those peonies are wonderfully dramatic! I have been tempted by a peony that my MIL grows in her garden (a very deep red colour). Can you take cuttings or divisions from them? And you say the soil in your garden is ideal for grwoing peonies, so what type of soil is that? I presume they like moist conditions.


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