Friday, 24 May 2013

Weigela florida

I have two cultivars of Weigela. The pink flowered one brightens up one corner in my garden. The red one is planted in the mixed border among other shrubs and perennials. I love this funnel-shaped flowers that grow in small clusters along the shoots.

The shrub needs cut-back right after flowering because the flowers form on the new wood. I haven't done it last year as you might see on the photo. It looks a kind of wild and messy. The shrub has lost the shape and flowers only on new side-shoots. The middle is pretty much green.

Most of the early flowering shrubs like Weigela or Fosythia need to be pruned as soon as the flowers fade. New shoots would have more flowers and the shrub would have the better shape. I usually cut off 1/3 of the branches. 

The red Weigelia planted in the mixed border brightens up a shady part of my garden. Althoufh Weigelia prefers the sunny position, this one so far tolerates the shade very good.


  1. Your weigela look just splendid! Most that I have seen around here have a very awkward shape, with branches sticking out every which way. Your pruning technique must keep them in good form!

  2. We ave weigela florida variegata - a lovely shrub

  3. Oh wow! This is my first encounter with Weigela and I don't think I can forget these sweet blooms :)


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